I made a sillyyy😬😛✌️ repost from @dsport, thanks guys!!💞 Music by @gummymusic🎶 #dsport #dsportmag #tiffanytvu #evo1

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| D O P E R Y 🐼 | 📷 @byronwoo #dopery #tiffanytvu

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Babygirl💞 #kiwimao

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Sweetdreams to you too😽💨💗

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The side of me you’ve never seen before😈 || 📷: @byronwoo @doperyofficial

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Happy anniversary to the one who can make me 😂 and 😭 at the same time, and the one who never stops loving me no matter how many times I screw up, my man, @aadaamm🐵 This is just the beginning, cheers to many many more years to come. I love you baby dearest😚💨❤️

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Wrapped up a dope shoot w/ @byronwoo today!! @doperyofficial🐼 // @flosstradamus⚠️ gear😈

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| Bedhead | 📷: @k3ychain #k3ychain #tiffanytvu

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Happy Friday y’all! Don’t forget to smile at everyone you see today😄 📷: @k3ychain #k3ychain #tiffanytvu

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🎶Don’t be afraid, cause I won’t bite, I promise to give it to you, just the way you like🎶 || 📷: @k3ychain #k3ychain #tiffanytvu

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#NationalDogDay #kiwimao 🍗🍗

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| Sundaze | 📷: @k3ychain #k3ychain #tiffanytvu

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My badass coworkers😏😘 #SP2 #SP2_1YEAR @_sp2_

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Party it up tonight @_sp2_ 🎂 don’t miss out on the fun!!😉🎉

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| Morning stretch | 📷: @k3ychain #k3ychain #tiffanytvu #humpday

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