John Beaver y’all😄🎶

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when are you down in socal? lets do a shoot tiffany!

I just got back from Anaheim last weekend and idkk when I’ll come back down

Are you in college?


#BLOXEVOLUTION this Saturday at Pier 70. I hide, you seek. Bring me boba and snacks. See you soon #EVO1

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Thankyou for a great time yesterday @spocom_show @spocom😛 I’ll be back in SoCal for another show before you know it!!❤️

Tag #tiffanytvu if you’ve got photos of/with me or email them to!

📷: @nelsphotos #spocom #spocomsupershow

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Livin’ w/my bitches hashtag live.

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Still waiting for the day you pose nude...

Still waiting for the day y’all give up! I don’t pose nude.

are any of ur coworkers hot

All my coworkers are fuckin sexy ;)

hi there :)


Are you going to EDC??

Yes I did go! Sorry I saw this post late lol

can we get a topless Tuesday?

How about you do a topless tuesdaaaayyy?!

My subtle Barbie look for the day💄

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Miss HIN Santa Clara 2014. Thankyou to everyone who came out to support me at #hotimportnights! Y’all made this happen! Much love😊😭😘😘 #tiffanytvu

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Better luck next year❤️💙 #USA #FIFA #WORLDCUP

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